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Harmony through dance...

Auroville is an international township in the South of India founded in February 1968, centered around the aim of Human Unity. It is a place of work, of search for self, as well as experiments in all fields of human life, such as education, economy, governance, agriculture, architecture, alternative energy, etc.

Argentine Tango settled here in 2008, and has been growing ever since. A search for harmony, through music, dance, elegance, laughter and colours.



Making A Difference Through Dancing

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Monday Beginner Classes

@ HumanScapes 7pm

Regular weekly class, led by Jorge or Mani.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more and/or want to join in...

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Wednesday Intermediate Classes and Practica

@ Sawchu 7.30-9pm (6pm start when there is a class)

Classes are subject to the availability of Hubert Tassin our passionate teacher, but happen more often than not...

Musically structured like a Milonga, our Practica is open to all Tango dancers. Keep in mind the newer dancers coming in and let’s try to make sure everyone gets to dance.

Looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor, in the dance flow...

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La de Martina, monthly Milonga every 1st Saturday of the Month

Martina runs Naturellement, very certainly the best Vegan Restaurant in Auroville. She is also one of our most faithful fellow dancer. She invites us every first Saturday of the Month to push out all tables and chairs so that we can dance our heart out. When a little low in energy, delicious chocolate cakes and refreshments are served. Delightful ! (7 to 11 pm)

Surely a moment not to be missed in the life of an Auroville Tanguer@, as well as a moment well worth planning a visit to Auroville for anyone who shares our passion...


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Auroville Holi Tango Festival

At Auroville Tango, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in developing Tango and all its Indian Communities. For this, back in March 2012, at the time of Holi, the festival of colors, we launched our first International Tango Festival. And we have not missed an edition till date.

Next one will be the eighth edition, a little like in Tango Ocho, from 6th to 10th March 2019...


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Discover Auroville Tango Evolution - DATE 2019

With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities for those in need of more and more initiative as well as a deeper knowledge and understanding of our Community and where it lives. With access to the right people and places, it is easy to become empowered by our own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill our potential. Learn more about our new event, due in September 2019 for its second edition, by getting in touch with our team today.

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Ad hoc events...

You are traveling down South India and Tango is one of, if not YOUR, thing. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can see how to get something organize while you are here...
You shall see how nice people we are...

I think those who say that you can't tango if you are not Argentine are mistaken. Tango was an immigrant music... so it does not have a nationality. It's only passport is feeling.

Carlos Gavito

Eight years ago... It all started eight years ago when an Ecuadorian decided that Tango had to make it way to Auroville community... The rest is history... Sign up to be part of it...


Contact us

Get in touch with Auroville Tango to learn more about our activities and how you can get involved. You can also ask all your questions here and we shall respond shortly...


Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India


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